What we do


Customised solutions

Technology must always coincide with the requirements and realities of those using it.
Greentechnology elaborates projects starting from the analysis and direct knowledge of diverse markets and, particularly, from the requirements of every entrepreneur.

For Greentechnology, in fact, there are no standard projects that are always valid for all the requirements. Each request requires specific evaluation and a suitable solution.

At every stage along the production cycle, Greentechnology adopts the most efficient operating method to protect nature and its balance.


Consulting and design

Greentechnology develops consulting, design, organisation, work management and project management activities:

  • Elaboration of preliminary projects
  • Feasibility studies / expert reports / business plans
  • Financial analysis
  • Market research, analysis, verification of suppliers
  • General design
  • Detailed (structural-technological) design
  • Contract assistance
  • Project management
  • Work scheduling
  • Work management
  • Assembly and commissioning services
  • Testing
  • Staff training
  • Know-how and technical support
  • Research and development of new technologies and machines


Turnkey plants and projects

For total customer service, Greentechnology supplies the technology needed to organise production lines or builds “turnkey plants”.

Once a project is a reality, Greentechnology can help clients reach their objectives through staff training, support during plant commissioning and optimisation of the production process.

  • Design and creation of technological and production plants
  • Design and supply of complete plants


Research and development

Since the day the company was founded, Greentechnology has strongly believed that technological innovation is the driving force behind the success of every company.
The R&D department consists of a network of engineers and technologists working together with important national and international research centres.
The research results are applied by Greentechnology and by clients to create prototypes and machines intended for production.
An example of this are the developments currently in progress aimed at rationalising, optimising and speeding up fruit and vegetables processing processes.
The development of highly technological mechanical and electronic techniques facilitates the automation of processes traditionally in the hands of humans.
A very interesting case that has been successfully solved was the selection of dates by size and quality, a product which is very difficult to sort, with a great reduction in labour costs.

GREENTECHNOLOGY and the R&D division are always available to address the world’s technological challenges in evolution side by side with the clients.
Our motto: EXPERIENCE-INNOVATION-DEDICATION, these are the keys to our success!