Palm Dates Processing Division

Since 2005, thanks to an important collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Bologna, Greentechnology has been developing a series of technologies aimed mainly at the processing of dates, both fresh and processed.

Our food technologists and engineers are available for the study of new systems and new products.


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Cleaning, washing and sorting lines

Greentechnology offers a wide selection of machines and complete lines for the processing of dates. This product, until now sorted and packaged by hand, can now be handled like most of fruit and vegetables products, guaranteeing hygiene, precision and labour savings. Our lines, made up of several machines built by us, are being tested for the main varieties of dates in the main producing countries.

The typical processing lines include the cleaning sections, with dry brushing or washing, automatic sorting by weight, size, colour and surface defects of the dates.
The production capacities of the different models range from 200 kg/hour to 2500 kg/hour.




Washing+ Bypass

Washing Bypass

Washing bench

Washing bench

Some examples of layouts of our plants:

Line for dates cleaning and grading
Dates sorting / Packaging lines
Dates processing line with optical grader
Dates washing-brushing-drying optical sorting line with rapid pack capacity


Vacuum disinfection and fumigation tunnel

Greentechnology designs and builds vacuum fumigation chambers to disinfect dates from insects, larvae and eggs.
The main treatment currently used is the one commercially called phosphine (PH3) which allows, with the use of the vacuum, cycle times of around 8 hours.
The capacities of the tunnel we build range from 10 tonnes/24 hours to 60 tonnes/24 hours.







Stoning, stuffing, enrobing, packaging

Greentechnology makes and supplies complete packaging lines to suit every client’s requirements.
The experience gained permits selecting the best machines for the best results.

  • Cutting and stoning machines
  • Stuffing lines
  • Manual packaging
  • Packaging in trays, baskets, bags
  • Shrink wrapping, heat sealing and thermoforming
  • Vacuum packing
  • End of line machines for palletisation and boxing


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Processing plants

Greentechnology designs and builds full dates processing plants for traditional and innovative products.

For example:

  • Dates pastes
  • Concentrated syrup (date honey)
  • Clarified syrup
  • Dates vinegar
  • Dates marmalade
  • Snacks and biscuits
  • Dried products